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 The Ross Report: Making SummerSlam selections

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PostSubject: The Ross Report: Making SummerSlam selections   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:43 am

Which main event closes the show this Sunday at SummerSlam? My J.R.’s Original BBQ Sauce is on the Team WWE vs. The Nexus tag bout. Obviously that would put the two, major title bouts on earlier and wouldn’t place one WWE brand over another … even though the WWE Team is actually Team Raw vs. Nexus.

Can you remember, in recent memory, a more exciting conclusion to a Monday Night Raw than we saw in Sacramento? The two teams literally toeing the line near mid-ring was dramatic. Until I watched it back on DVR, I didn’t even realize that the announce team wasn’t speaking during the last several moments of the show.

Who will win Team WWE vs. The Nexus tag bout in Los Angeles Sunday? I think the Raw side, with all their inflated egos and multiple agendas will not facilitate the audience to go home happy. Nexus wins and someone from Raw stabs a teammate in the back. The question, based on my “theory,” is who will be the one to execute the dirty deed? Could it be who we least expect? This situation is more volatile than Mel Gibson at a PTA meeting.

Who’s actually on Team WWE? If they are a man short, and Miz declines the use of his “awesome” services, I hear that New York Jets defensive back Darrelle Revis is available.

Will Randy Orton win the WWE Title from Sheamus at SummerSlam? (BTW … Sheamus is the FIRST Irish born WWE kingpin in history if you hadn’t heard.) Sheamus says he will retain … what did we expect him to say? The challenger must win or likely forget a title opportunity for awhile. Young, Mr. RKO not winning the big one Sunday is like Tiger Woods being in a links slump. It’s just not what one would expect. While Tiger’s putter may be eschew, Rockin’ Randall’s RKO isn’t … I’m going with Orton to become yet another great champion from the city of St. Louis. (Google Lou Thesz, kids.)

Can A. Fox retain her title at SummerSlam? Not if Melina has a vote and she does. A. Fox is physically much stronger, but Melina seems to have the champion’s number (lots of guys wish they had Alicia’s number), and has more championship match experience than Ms. Fox. I like Melina to win but Fox retaining by the skin ‘o her teeth wouldn’t shock me. FYI … there is no truth to the ‘dirt’ that Jersey Shore’s Snookie is being brought in to referee this bout. That might require Joey Styles to come out of retirement and in his best, most extreme shriek give us all a classic “CATFIGHT!!”

Do you think that Tamina really has her eye on Santino? Really? That sounds as whacky as a Jet Blue flight attendant allegedly “snapping.” It might be even as goofy as a pet coon. But love is blind … just ask Mrs. J.R.
Should Dolph Ziggler quit is day job and follow the first Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson, into big league karaoke?

Should Ol’ J.R. stop eating his own 97% Fat-Free Beef Jerky available at www.jrsbarbq.com and become a vegan? In all due respect to vegetarians worldwide, I’ll have to take an El Paso on that option. Ziggler was a hit on TBS’ Lopez Tonight this week, but the apple of Vickie Guerrero’s eye’s singing skills aren’t nearly as good as his grappling.

Did you see the following on WWEClassics.com? Kerry Von Erich was “better known” as the Texas Tornado? What?! KVE was known the world over as Kerry Von Erich long before he was given the handle of the Texas Tornado after he debuted in WWE. Now, if one only watched WWE all their life then that statement does hold some credence. I’m just saying. Bottom line, thanks “Stone Cold,” is that WWEClassics.com is an old school fan’s paradise where multiple organizations are featured with some of the greatest bouts and performers of all time.

Does it seem like the Kane-Mysterio SummerSlam World Title Bout has taken sort of a back seat in the eyes of some? Kane is colder than a mother-in-law’s hug and has a HUGE advantage over Mysterio going into Sunday’s title tilt. I see Kane winning physically, damagingly, and convincingly and no one respects Rey more than I. Sources indicate that Rey is more banged up than is actually being discussed and if that’s true then Kane wins a big one at the hottest event of the summer.

Thanks for stopping by and be sure and tell a friend where to find our musings here on www.wwe.com. This is prime real estate we are occupying and I will likely have some more to say before Sunday.


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Come back and see us and thanks for all your support.

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The Ross Report: Making SummerSlam selections
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