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 SMACKDOWN results aug 27 2010

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PostSubject: SMACKDOWN results aug 27 2010   Mon Aug 30, 2010 12:12 am

FRESNO, Calif. – Hell rumbled as World Heavyweight Champion Kane and his brother The Undertaker exchanged emotional words about their future. Once again, Alberto Del Rio got the better of Rey Mysterio. And, the war for the Intercontinental Championship continued as Kofi picked up a win over reigning champion Dolph Ziggler – but not the prestigious title.

The Undertaker and Kane talked of their past, present and future
Over the years, the road between brothers Kane and The Undertaker has had many ups and downs. But, are they poised for a volatile final confrontation?

The Undertaker said Kane is “guilty of a treacherous betrayal ” and is not worthy of being his brother or carrying the World Heavyweight Championship.

“I taught you everything you know about evil. But I didn’t teach you everything I know. So when the mood strikes you, I’ll be waiting. And when the fight starts, it’s always going to end the same way,” The Deadman said.

Despite the ominous warning, The Big Red Monster was not intimidated by his older brother’s words.

“Not this time,” said Kane. “I know and you know that this time it ends the same way that it did at SummerSlam, with you sprawled helpless at my feet. I vow on the grave of our mother, that you will never rest in peace.”

Big Show def. Luke Gallows
Accompanied to the ring by Kelly Kelly, Big Show was brimming with confidence. With Serena and Joey Mercury at ringside – and CM Punk watching from a TV monitor – Luke Gallows was expected to represent The Straight Edge Society with a win. However, with a powerful knockout punch, The World’s Largest Athlete dropped Gallows hard and picked up the pinfall.

Alberto Del Rio def. local competitor (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Like he did in last week’s debut, Alberto Del Rio was introduced by his own personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. And, Del Rio arrived in grand style by driving himself to the ring in a Jaguar. After a dominant offense, Del Rio put away a local challenger by making him submit to his cross armbreaker.

Jack Swagger def. MVP by Disqualification in the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational”
In a unique bout dubbed the “Jack Swagger Senior Invitational,” the first Superstar to get five takedowns would be declared the winner. And, if MVP won, Swagger would have to pay for MVP’s end of summer block party. If Swagger won, he would get to host “MVP’s VIP Lounge” for one night. As the action progressed, Swagger was up strong, leading MVP three takedowns to zero. Perhaps frustrated, MVP slapped Swagger, instantly getting himself disqualified. Although Swagger got the win, he wasn’t done. After the match, he attacked MVP from behind and punished him with a session in his lethal ankle lock outside of the ring.

Kofi Kingston def. Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler by Count-out
Going into the bout, Kofi Kingston knew that if Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler were disqualified, he would become the new champion. Despite the stipulation, Kingston’s efforts to regain the prestigious title were once again cleverly thwarted by the duo of Ziggler and Official SmackDown Consultant Vickie Guerrero. As the battle waged outside of the ring, the ref began a 10-count. Knowing Ziggler would still retain his title even after a count-out loss,Vickie stopped Ziggler from reentering the ring. Although Kingston won, he was furious the title eluded him once again and chased Ziggler from ringside, out into the WWE Universe and up a flight of arena stairs.

CM Punk def. JTG
Looking to set an example for his Straight Edge Society disciples, CM Punk came out of the gate with a super aggressive offense against JTG. After dropping JTG with a GTS, Punk forced him to submit using his Anaconda Vise. After the victory, Punk demanded Luke Gallows, Joey Mercury and Serena get on their knees in the ring and said they must “be better or be gone!”

Alberto Del Rio attacked Rey Mysterio
Still feeling the painful effects of his loss to Kane, Rey Mysterio had to be helped from the ring by WWE officials. But before he could leave ringside, he was confronted by Alberto Del Rio, who said Rey looked like a "dying dog" who needed to be "put down." After slamming Rey into the ringside barrier, Del Rio locked him a cross armbreaker. Then, just when he appeared finished and was walking up the exit ramp, Del Rio returned for more brutality. First he shoved Mysterio’s arm into a steel chair and closed the chair on his arm. Then with his arm still caught in the chair, Del Rio viciously smashed Mysterio into a steel ring post.

World Heavyweight Champion Kane def. Rey Mysterio in a No Disqualification Match
Despite a valiant fight and 619 from Rey Mysterio, Kane dispatched of him with a monstrous chokeslam onto a steel chair in a match The Ultimate Underdog himself requested.
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SMACKDOWN results aug 27 2010
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