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 Mayweather,Hatton facing Biggest Bouts

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PostSubject: Mayweather,Hatton facing Biggest Bouts   Thu Sep 16, 2010 7:00 pm

Manila-Philippines-We've heard stories of prominent and well respected boxers falling pray to enexpected situations numerous time,taking a full turn for the worse and being soaked in controversy that only people around them could understand why and how.

"Iron Mike" Tyson was a typical example.and then,here comes Floyd Mayweather,JR and Ricky Hatton.

The Two Champions,recognized as two off the marquee name in boxing today,have been involved in seperate incidents that have tainted not only their personal reputations but more especially the image of the sports.

Mayweather who wons against Hatton via and a 10thround stoppage during their December 8,2007 bout in Las Vegas,had been acused of beating of former girlfriend of 15 years Jose Harris (The mother off three of his four children)and is facing grand larcency charges overs the latters missing iPhone-something which according to reports,transpired when the boxer confronted Harris about her affair with NBA player C.J. Watson of the Chicago Bulls.

Polices initially labeled the incident battery domestic case.The arrest report about the scuffle is similar to an account Harris provided on Thursday to obtain a Clark County Family Court protection against Mayweather.

Both say Mayweather was angry about relationship with another man (said to be Watson according to reports)and both say Mayweather grabbed harris by her hair,hit her twisted her arm while yelling that he would kill her.

Prior to that,the 33 years old Boxer also made headlines when he ranted on Filipino found por found king Manny Pacquiao through a racist video he allegedly recorded ustream.com.He,however,issued an apology a day after the said incident.(with reports AP and AFP) Manila Bulletin
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Mayweather,Hatton facing Biggest Bouts
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