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 The brother he destroyed

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PostSubject: The brother he destroyed   Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:38 am

CHICAGO – In an epic No Holds Barred Match to determine the most dominant force of the underworld, a stunning tombstone reversal by World Heavyweight Champion Kane laid to rest The Undertaker’s hopes to regain the World Title. Match photos

Amidst a chaotic free-for-all, designed to cast aside order in favor of all-out turmoil, The Big Red Monster and The Demon of Death Valley waged a merciless battle that rocked WWE to its very foundation. From the moment the carnage began at the top of the ramp, each excruciating second seemed more brutal than the one that came before it. As The Brother of Destruction ruthlessly turned both the ring and ringside area into one horrific weapon, it became clear that both demonic Superstars were absolutely hell-bent on destroying each other. Then, in the pinnacle of anarchy, when The Phenom finally looked ready to execute the tombstone, Kane turned his world upside-down, reversing the brothers’ shared finisher to drive his prey into the canvas for the victory.

The newest chapter in the monstrous saga between Kane and The Undertaker began on Memorial Day weekend, when Kane attacked The Deadman. At SummerSlam, the ominous Phenom reemerged. But, as he looked poised to take his vengeance, The Big Red Monster struck again, executing a devastating tombstone on the returning Deadman.

In the weeks to come on SmackDown, the two dark Superstars danced toward their supernatural showdown. Kane claimed that his attack was all part of a 13-year plan to bring about The Deadman’s demise, after he recognized that his legendary older brother was being weakened by the sin of pride. He claimed that he now had The Undertaker’s “power” and stood supreme as “The Devil’s Favorite Demon.”

The Phenom claimed that Kane’s sin was envy, and that when and if they met, he would once again be triumphant. Despite his strong words, however, many speculated that the seven-time World Champion had returned to SmackDown operating at less than 100 percent.

On the Sept. 3 edition of SmackDown, Kane proclaimed that he would face The Undertaker at Night of Champions. The following week, The Undertaker threw down the gauntlet, proposing that the match be No Holds Barred. After accepting the frightening stipulation the very next week, the horrific champion pledged to end The Deadman’s very existence once and for all. Moments later, when The Undertaker emerged, Kane harnessed his “power” to launch a vicious sneak-attack that culminated in an earth-shattering chokeslam-tombstone combination. This final assault served as a chilling prelude to their monumental championship encounter.

Has Kane’s victory over The Phenom truly made him the author of his brother’s demise? Find out this Friday night on SmackDown at 8/7 CT on MyNetworkTV.

Michael Burdick, WWE.com[
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The brother he destroyed
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