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 Cena Gets N-Listed

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PostSubject: Cena Gets N-Listed   Mon Oct 04, 2010 2:38 pm

DALLAS – At WWE Hell in a Cell, John Cena had the opportunity to dismantle The Nexus and eliminate the dangerous band of rebels from Raw for good. All the former WWE Champion had to do was defeat Wade Barrett in the center of the ring and their reign of tyranny would be over.

John Cena failed.

With the fate of all of WWE resting on his shoulders, the Legendary star fell to Barrett in a controversial bout and is now a member of The Nexus.

In a match where so much was at stake, it is hard to comprehend this shocking outcome. If the wildly popular Superstar would have won, Barrett and his Nexus cronies would have disbanded. But if the Nexus leader got the win, Cena would have no choice but to join the controversial band of rebels.

John Cena as a member of The Nexus? It was an unthinkable nightmare that couldn’t possibly come true and Cena brought the fight to Barrett to make sure this would not happen. Focused and intense, the multiple-time World Champion controlled his young opponent and looked to be on his way to victory. Even the presence of the other Nexus members couldn’t save Barrett as an army of WWE Superstars including Big Show, Kofi Kingston and MVP arrived to chase the intruders away.

With the ringside cleared and Barrett dazed, Cena was only an STF away from the win. That’s when two mystery assailants stormed the ring — one distracting the referee while the other blasted Cena in the head with a foreign object, knocking him out cold and giving Barrett the win in the biggest match of his career.

After The Nexus celebrated their huge victory, a broken and bruised Cena staggered away from the ring while thousands of saddened WWE fans looked on in shock and disappointment. Their chants of "Cena! Cena!" were now replaced by a silence that was almost eerie.

How will the WWE Universe react when Cena arrives at Raw on Monday night draped in the trademark black and gold of The Nexus? WWE may never be the same again.
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Cena Gets N-Listed
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