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 Margarito may knock down Pacquiao - analyst

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PostSubject: Margarito may knock down Pacquiao - analyst   Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:41 am

MANILA, Philippines - Mexican Antonio Margarito might be the first to knock down reigning World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao in the upcoming November 13 match, an ESPN boxing analyst said.

Writing for the Filipino Boxing Journal, Kenneth Ragpala quoted John "Iceman" Scully who said Margarito "has more than enough to take out" Pacquiao.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think Pacman’s speed of legs and hands will cause Margarito some big problems. But I think Margarito is still very formidable," Scully told Ragpala.

Scully said if Margarito extensively uses his jab during the fight, the people's champ will be up for a tough battle and might experience the first major loss in his boxing career.

“If he (Margarito) presses the fight and uses his jab in a big way, (he) could really test the conditioning and the skills of Manny,” Scully said.

According to Ragpala, Margarito is "the hungrier boxer" as he is "looking for redemption and there is no shred of doubt that he is hell bent on putting the shadows of the hand wrapping scandal behind him by beating Pacquiao."

“It may turn out to be the toughest and most grueling match of Manny’s career and while I think he has enough speed and shiftiness to overcome Margarito, I think he will do so only after being pushed to the full limit of his reserves,” Scully was quoted as saying.

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Margarito may knock down Pacquiao - analyst
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