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 Palace Bans Party Clothes, Lavish Jewelry, Heavy Make-Up

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PostSubject: Palace Bans Party Clothes, Lavish Jewelry, Heavy Make-Up   Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:50 am

MANILA, Philippines — Are you fond of party clothes and sandals, heavy make-up and lavish jewelry, or bicycles and motorcycles?

Or do you have the penchant for taking your children to work?

Then, Malacañang is not the place for you as these are included in the long list of prohibitions issued by the Office of the President (OP) in a memorandum on proper office attire and security procedures for its officials and employees.

The memorandum, signed last September 30 by Deputy Executive Secretary for Finance and Administration Ericson Alcovendaz, reiterated certain conditions set by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on proper office attire to keep the “honor, dignity, and prestige of the highest office of the land.” The order took effect last Octobe 4.

In the memorandum, officials and employees have been directed to dress appropriately during work, especially during Monday’s flag-raising ceremony. Banned during work hours are party attire, picnic clothes, sandos or T-shirts, transparent or net-like shirt or blouses, strapless blouses, tank-tops, blouses with plunging necklines, mini-skirts, walking and cycling shorts, leggings, tights, jogging pants, and pedal pushers.

OP employees are allowed to wear jeans only on Fridays “when paired with a collared polo shirt (for male employees) or any appropriate blouse or collared shirt (for female employees).”

The memorandum also reminded OP workers to wear appropriate footwear. “Rubber shoes, sandals, slippers, and ‘bakya’(wooden shoes) are generally prohibited,” it read.

The use of too much costume jewelry, flash bangles, dangling earrings, and similar accessories are also forbidden. OP workers were also discouraged from the ostentatious display of expensive jewelry, except for special occasions. “Likewise, wearing of heavy theatrical make-up is prohibited,” the memo read.

Female OP employees are also asked to keep their hair neatly combed while male workers must keep a clean-cut hairstyle. Even pregnant workers were advised to wear appropriate maternity dresses.

On security procedures, Malacañang also imposed restrictions on the use of motorcycles and bicycles inside the Palace complex.

“Motorcycles and bicycles are now prohibited from entering Palace grounds in order to maintain protocolar aspects in the area as the Office of the President and seat of government,” the memo read.

The Presidential Security Group would provide bicycle racks and motorcycle parking area at the vicinity of Aviles Park. It will be designated drop point of motorcycles and bicycles.

During flag-raising ceremony, Alcovendaz also reminded all OP personnel to line up at their designated areas and avoid loitering under the trees and pathways. With a smoking ban in place inside the Malacañang Complex, employees were advised not to smoke while waiting for the flag rites. “Punctuality shall be observed,” the memo read.

The practice of bringing along children at the place of work is also prohibited.

Manila Bulletin
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Palace Bans Party Clothes, Lavish Jewelry, Heavy Make-Up
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