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 Rule Change

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PostSubject: Rule Change   Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:48 pm

In Response to the request of Mr.Rolly Gutierrez of Pandacn,Manila we gve yo a complete list of rule changes in effect starting the 2010-2011 PBA Season.

1.2 Versus 3 point verification to be enforce to the entire game

During the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime period(s),verification will be made during the next deadball situation.

2.)Review Of Out Of Bounds Call

During the last (2)minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime period(s),contested out off bounds call will be subject to video review

3.)No Reset Off shot clock After A Jump Ball

There will be no resseting of the shotclock after a jumpball if the tap goes to the offensive teams

4.)Injured Player (Freethrow and Jumpball)

A player who cannot shoot freethrows awarded to him because of injury and is replace can no longer return to game .The substitute will shoot the freethrows,regardless of the type of the foulcalled(regular or flagrant)

The same rules applies on jumper in jumpball situtations


No need to cross midcourt line for a player to a call a 30 seconds timeout

During the last two minutes of the fourth quarter and overtime period(s) all timeouts will have the option to inbound the freethrow line extended.

6.)Teams foul in overtime periods

In all overtimes period(s), a team enters penalty situations only after second team foul.No more carryover of teams foul from the fourth quarter

7.)No Charge Zone

No more primary or secondary defender distinction

No more Lower Defensive Box(LDB)

8.No more Flopping Violation

9.)Leaving The Playing Court To gain Advantage

No more "Leaving the playing court to gain advantage " violation

10.)14 man lineup
A team shall be allowed to fields in its 14 man lineup during a game

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Rule Change
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