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 Box and 1 Defense

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PostSubject: Box and 1 Defense   Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:52 pm

The high/low offensive set is a very simple basketball play that is ideal for two talented big men. If both your power forward and center are your two best scorers, call this play a lot.

The high/low play starts out with both your big men on the blocks down low. The point guard has the ball at the top of the three point line and must make a decision. Either he dribbles left or right. Whatever direction the ball handler dribbles, the big man on the opposite post runs up high to the corner of the free throw line.

Once the big man reaches the high post, the point guard passes the ball to the big man. In the meantime, the other big man is working his heart out in the low post trying to outmaneuver his position over the defender.

If the low post big man has a favorable matchup, the big man in the high post passes him the ball for an easy score. If the matchup is not favorable, the high post big man has the option of driving (if a good ball handler), shooting, or passing back out to the perimeter.


Locate the "lane" of the side of the court your team will defend.

Spot one defensive man at each corner of the lane. These players will be playing a zone defense.

Instruct each player that his responsibility is to guard his zone. His zone is located from his spot on the court to the middle of the lane, and his spot on the court to the sideline.

Instruct the fifth defensive player, who will represent the "1" in the box and 1 defense, that his responsibility is to play man-to-man defense on the opposing player who has the ball. When the ball is passed, the "1" chases and double-teams the player with the ball.

Practice boxing out. In a zone defense, it's sometimes difficult to box out properly. When a shot goes up, each player must locate a man to block.

Tell your players to sag into the lane whenever the ball is on the opposite side of the court. If the ball is on the left side of the court, the players on the right should move one step closer to the lane in their zone.

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Box and 1 Defense
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