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 Nash on retooled Heat:Do they have the team?

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PostSubject: Nash on retooled Heat:Do they have the team?   Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:46 am

Harrison Nj-To Steve Nash,theres is no doubt the Miami Heta have the talent to win an NBA title next year.

The question has all star guard has is:Do they have the team?

Speaking of halftime New York Red Bulls MLS Game Saturday,the Phoenix guards said understand why some expert have already made the Heat the preseason favorite title.

But he nooted the titles are won by good teams.That the one component has it unknown as the Heat head is in to next season with a lineup include Lebron James Dwayne Wade Chris Bosh.

The Heat scored biggest coup of the free agency period this week getting wade to resign with Miami convincing James and Bosh to come to South Beach.

"They have stack the decks,"Said Nash,"Who is part of owner of the Vancouver Whitecups,Who will join MLS next season,"It should be very interesting for the fans to
see it unfold.

Nash,however,wasnt ready to concede next season title.

"I think will be more difficult than just."Thank you very much,we get our title in July"
Nash said."I think there are compelling arguments there both.You going to look at them theyre obviously going to be incredibly explosive talents.

"At the same time,this sports is won by intelligent teams that play together.the two time MVP said,"so they to build a team.They obvously have the capabilty to do that,obviously,three amazing to start with,they could do it.They could win a title rigth away,its not easiest things on the world,so while the capable,they have a lot of work do.

Nash said Stoudemired wont need anytime getting use to playing coach Mike D'antoni again.

"They be flying out of the gates,Nash said.

Nash added that Sotudemire wont be beat up spotligth of playing New York.

"He take it all on and enjoy,Nash said'-AP GMA NEWSTV

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Nash on retooled Heat:Do they have the team?
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