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 The Motion Offense

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PostSubject: The Motion Offense   Tue Jul 13, 2010 9:56 am

What is Motion Offense?

Motion offense is an offensive strategy that focuses on moving within a set of rules instead of utilizing plays that the coach develops and the team practices. The highlights of motion offense are player movement, floor spacing, passing, and setting screens.

The benefit of motion offense is that it can hide the deficiencies in a team and allow coaches to maximize the team’s strengths. All that changes based on a team’s strengths is the rotation pattern, which athletes can learn quickly, leaving more time for practice and less time for memorization.

Rules of Motion Offense

There are several basic rules to motion offense. By working within these rules, players and coaches can control the offensive situation and ensure that there is always someone available for a pass or shot. The rules of motion offense are:

1. Players should stay spread out, about 12-15 feet apart. Spacing is crucial to avoid double-teams and other aggressive defensive tactics.

2. Players on the perimeter should look for the ball when they have three options: to shoot, to drive to the hoop or to pass.

3. Be patient. When players receive the ball, they should wait until they have the three options mentioned above before moving. By not beginning to dribble, players keep their options open and can avoid an interception.

4. Players may dribble for the following reasons: penetrate defensive gaps, take a shot, switch places with another player, avoid the 5-second count, and improve their passing ability.

5. Players must always be moving, but always with a purpose.

6. Never pass to someone standing still.

Five Out Motion Offense

This motion offense play covers the weakness of having no good post players but several good guards. Three players spread around the 3-point line, with the other two just inside the 3-point line near the basket.

There are several rules, characteristic of motion offense, to this play. When players do not have the ball, they should:

1. Cut back if they cannot get the open pass. For example, if Player 1 is at the top of the key and wants to pass to Player 2 on the wing but can’t get a pass off, Player 2 should cut into the post position to try to get open.

2. If the defender won’t allow a player to cut into the paint for a pass, they should instead push outside to spread out the defense.

3.Fill an open spot when a teammate cuts or drives.

4.If a player cannot get a pass within two seconds, they should move on and try again.


Motion offense is a highly useful strategy for teams because it matches up with any defense. Because motion offense relies on a loose set of rules instead of set plays, the offense can adjust to any defense and continue moving. Motion offense is also beneficial because it allows teams to cover their weaknesses and move in patterns that maximize their strengths.

Pat Anderson, Buzzle.com
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The Motion Offense
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