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 Superman comic brings the Man Of Steel to Philly

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PostSubject: Superman comic brings the Man Of Steel to Philly   Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:10 am

Philadelphia-One of Americas most enduring superheroes has begun a cross country trek in the Philadelphia.

In the page of DC comics latest issue of Superman,which his stands Wednesday,the Man Of Steel embarked on a yearlong journey of more than 100 miles with a single step.But for all his strength,insigth intelligence,he is still has a thing or two to learn about geography.

The 500 block of south 48th street described as the city" Southside" though no such neighborhood exsist in Philadelphia.The area is actually a section of west Philadelphia knwon as University City,and the flub has generated a little bit of good nature ribbing from locals.

"We really love to hear that because it means are people are reading it and there a sence of area pride,"DC Comics co publisher Dan didio said." If we stand corrected,Thats OK.

Superman issue # 701 marks the first installment of the 12 issue,"Grounded"series that aims re estbalished the 72 years old superheroes role as defenders of the powerless,a theme that resonated with Depression era readers.

"At a time in our history when the economy had crushed,and we were recovering from
an expensive world war (before we began number them),when there was great political upheavel..he stepped out of the shadow as someone supported all side as long as they were fair and decent writer J Michael Stracynski told the Associated press in a recent mail.

"Those time should a lot like this time.so it make sense to bring him back around to that role.

During his trek through the battle city of Brotheryly love,Superman foils a crew of heckling drug dealers,saved an elderly man having a hearth attached and talk despondent woman off a ledge-literally.

Our Krypton born,Kansas bred protaginist lack schooling in the finer points of ordering a cheesteak-he inelegantly dubs it a "Philly cheese steak sandwich"-but the waitress
taking his order lets the fauxs pas slide.She also cheerfully allows the cash traped superheroes,who was a vegetarian in another DC series severals years back.to work of his bill by cleaning to a storage room.

This is really supposed to PHILADELPHIA?

"They didnot do very well,but they tried,"Robert Lefevre,manager of Brave New Words comic book store downtown,said with a laugh,"Maybe they cofused us with Chicago,which has a Sothside.And Philly chesse steak sandwich nobody says that.

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PostSubject: Re: Superman comic brings the Man Of Steel to Philly   Fri Jul 16, 2010 1:48 pm

nice 1
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Superman comic brings the Man Of Steel to Philly
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