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 Results:At death's door

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PostSubject: Results:At death's door   Tue Aug 17, 2010 9:50 am

LOS ANGELES – Before a sold-out crowd at SummerSlam, World Heavyweight Champion Kane triumphed over the ultra-resilient Rey Mysterio. However, when The Big Red Monster opened the casket to stuff Mysterio inside, he discovered Undertaker waiting for him! (Match photos)

Though Mysterio displayed amazing heart in the face of an enraged Kane, the tortuous assault by the horrific Superstar ultimately proved to be too much for The Ultimate Underdog. Shortly after fighting his way out of the casket, Mysterio finally fell to his frightening opponent’s earth-shattering chokeslam.

After successfully defending his “holy grail,” The Big Red Monster attempted to fulfill his promise to stuff his masked adversary into a casket. But, when he opened the lid, he was greeted by none other than the returning Phenom, who rose from within, stunning the champion and sending the WWE Universe into an all-out frenzy. However, when The Deadman attempted to turn his wrath on Kane and deliver a chokeslam of vengeance, the World Champion countered, tombstoning The Undertaker in the center of the ring.

One month earlier - on the very same night he won the briefcase at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view - Kane cashed in his Money in the Bank title opportunity on Mysterio to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Though the World Title was on the line, the brutal showdown at SummerSlam was interwoven with something far more personal. The self-professed “Devil’s Favorite Demon” had been on a volatile quest for months, searching for the Superstar who left his brother, The Undertaker, in a vegetative state.

Nine days before SummerSlam, Kane claimed that The Demon of Death Valley had named Mysterio as the guilty party. The Master of the 619 wholeheartedly denied this charge, claiming Kane had attacked his own brother. Little did the WWE Universe know that The Undertaker himself would appear to settle the argument in shocking fashion!

What will happen this Friday on SmackDown, now that The Deadman has risen once more and The Brothers of Destruction are no more?
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Results:At death's door
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