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 Basketball,no roadwork for champ

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PostSubject: Basketball,no roadwork for champ    Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:00 pm

Baguio City Philippines-Freddie Roach easy worried at all if Manny Pacquiao plays as much Basketball as he wants.

The American Boxing guru said spending so much time on the basketball court has always been part of Pacquiao's training camp and is fine with him as as he stops doing four weeks heading into a figth.

Roach yesterday took a question why Pacquiao is getting away with too much basketball in return skipping his roadwork.

For the third time in only six days here,Pacquiao played basketball at the Cooyesan Plaza until late in the evening,after a hard day at the gym,and has already skipped his roadwork twice,yesterday included.

Roach said he doesnt see any problem as long as Pacquiao work as hard when in the gym.

"Baketball has always been an issue.He's always played basketball until four weeks before a figth,He's only a second week of a boxing and his great where we are.He's doing fine," said Roach.

"This is all part of the game.This is training camp." added Roach,who did not mind as well as that Pacquiao left for Manila yesterday afternoon for his daugther's birthday which actually came yesterday.

Pacquiao, a Congressman,also had to deliver some speech somewhere.He just couldnt say no when those who invited him should know better that's he in the middle of the training

" I was told he is coming back Sunday."said Roach

Roach dropped his smile yesterday when too many people were allowed inside the gym when it was supposed to be closed door spparing session.

Sparring was already on when people kept on knocking on the door.

I'm close this gym down, "said Roach.

By:Abac Cordero (The Philippines Star)
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Basketball,no roadwork for champ
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