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 Cavs coach visits Lebron on eve of announcement

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PostSubject: Cavs coach visits Lebron on eve of announcement   Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:49 pm

AKRON OHIO-With Lebron James decision nearing by the second,the Cavaliers took one final,and perhaps desperate run at the biggest free agent of them all.

New Cavs coached Byron Scott showed up unannounced at James summer camp and spent hour watching the two time MVP and several Cleveland Cavalier player who work on out wednesday on NBA -and seemingly the entire sport world-prepare for James to announced which team will signed with during a national TV appearance on ESPN.

Norby Williamson,ESPN,Vice President production said that announcement will come during first 10 minutes of Thursday nigth hourlong broadcast.sportscaster Jim Gray will handle the introductio,announcement and questions,Willamson said Gray was handpicked by James team,who approached the network lastweek about the special.

And a person familiar with the plans tell,The associated press interviews will take placed at the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich,Conn.

Where James will ultimately end up,however is still very much unknown.

That prompted Scott visit to the camp as watch as James took the floor to run a few
fullcourt game with Cavaliers Jamario Moon,Danny Grenn,Christian eyenga,and assistant coach Chris Jent.Scott was hired last week by the Cavs and was part of their presentation team that wooed James last week at his business office in downtown Cleveland.

Scott left about an hour later,saying did not speak with James,The former New Orlean coached said he has his finger crossed and i always hopeful in regards to James situation.

Scott appearance could either signal the Cavs are afraid theyre about to lose James,
or they wanted to remind them who hell be playing for-a three time NBA champ who
happened to be Magic Jhonson backourt mate.

James could be about to unite with Dwayne Wade and Chris bosh,who have decided to play together for the heat.forming a Miami trice episode that would rack the league
Or,he could be staying home to try deliver a Championship to Cleveland,a city on edge as it await his word.AP
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Cavs coach visits Lebron on eve of announcement
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