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 Isolation Play

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PostSubject: Isolation Play   Isolation Play I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 01, 2010 3:32 pm

Isolation Play Isolation2B

If you are playing or coaching a game of basketball, there are times when you want to run an isolation play. Running an isolation play in basketball isn't difficult, as long as you know the proper procedure. After a couple of steps, you'll know exactly what to do to run an isolation play.

Pick the match up you want to take advantage of in an isolation play. To do so, figure out who on your team has the greatest advantage over the player that is assigned to defend that person. Look for size mismatches, speed mismatches, strength mismatches or anything else that will give one player an advantage over the defending player.
Give the selected player the ball on the offensive end. Make sure the player doesn't dribble before the floor is properly spaced. If the player dribbles early, they'll risk losing their dribble before the opportunity arises to utilize it
Space the court for the selected player to begin the isolation play. You'll want a couple shooters spaced on the other side of the court. You'll also want another player positioned on the other side of the lane to grab a rebound. However, you don't want to have anyone else within ten to fifteen feet of the isolated player.
Give the isolated player the options of shooting, driving or passing to an open player. By giving the isolated player multiple options, that makes the isolation play that much more difficult to defend.

Isolation Play Isolation2B
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Isolation Play
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