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PostSubject: MIZ-TER MONEY IN THE BANK (THE MIZ)   Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:00 pm

– Eight of Raw’s
top Superstars collided for a coveted WWE Title opportunity at Money in
the Bank. At the end of a punishing and precarious bout, it was United
States Champion The Miz who would ascend the ladder and snatch the
briefcase out of the air in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match,
earning the notorious egotist a WWE Championship Match wherever or whenever he
wants in the next year.

After hitting RKOs on no less than three of his opponents, it seemed
as though Randy Orton had bested Evan
Bourne, Mark Henry, John
Morrison, Edge, Chris
Jericho, Ted DiBiase and The "Awesome One," but The Miz (and
his ego) ultimately climbed the rungs and nabbed the briefcase, because
he’s The Miz, and he’s … “Mr. Money in the Bank.”
"You are all living in my moment," boasted The Miz following the
Although The "Awesome One" has hardly abstained from shooting off his
mouth in the weeks leading up to this anticipated bout, he affirmed to
the WWE Universe that actions speak even louder than words as he began
methodically dismantling his opponents. His first target was his
longtime rival R-Truth, whom he brutally attacked on Raw and
rendered unable to compete at Money in the Bank. Then, just six days
before Money in the Bank, the increasingly aggressive U.S. Champion
hobbled The World's Strongest Man – R-Truth’s replacement in this match –
adding insult to injury by dumping garbage on his fallen foe.
Clearly, The Miz wasn’t interested in forging alliances with any of
the Superstars competing in the Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but
neither were his opponents. When the participants in this match were
announced, Edge was quick to remind the WWE Universe that he was the
first-ever Mr. Money in the Bank, and is the only Superstar to not only
win two Money in the Bank contracts, but to cash them in to win two
World Titles. The Rated-R Superstar’s self-congratulatory attitude made
him the target of just about every Superstar in this match, namely
Jericho and The Viper.
Meanwhile, DiBiase – having enlisted the aid of Maryse
as his “protection” – was certain that he and the Raw Money in the Bank
briefcase would become WWE’s “million dollar couple,” earning the
multi-generation Superstar a new rival in the form of Morrison. As
Superstars and ladders lay strewn about the ring and at ringside during
this explosive encounter, it was The Shaman of Sexy who prevented
DiBiase's devious French-Canadian gal pal from sneaking up a ladder to
win the match for her beau.
Bourne, competing in his second-ever Money in the Bank Ladder Match
after an awe-inspiring aerial performance at WrestleMania XXVI, went into the Sprint Center
having suffered two RKOs in as many weeks, instilling in the energetic
young Superstar a sobering fact about this type of contest: It’s every
Superstar for himself. Keeping that in mind, "Air" Bourne earned some
retribution at Money in the Bank when he nailed The Viper with a
dazzling Shooting Star Press. Bourne might be the aerialist, but at
Money in the Bank, it was The Miz who scaled the heights.
Since his mean(er) streak “paid off” at Money in the Bank, when will
The “Awesome One" cash in his WWE Title opportunity? And now that The
Miz is in possession of both the Raw Money in the Bank briefcase and the
United States Championship, will the WWE Universe ever
hear the end of it? Stay tuned to Raw on Mondays to find out.
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